Hi, I’m Fabian.

I love to see people unleash their full potential.
That’s why I am creating environments to help them to grow beyond their own mental limits and expectations. 

I am doing this by creating a mix of offline- and online content. This means that I am running a podcast in which I interview the world’s most successful people and I am creating events with a highly selected audience.

I am a content creator (stopped calling myself entrepreneur) who stumbled into this because I was unhappy with Uni.
It didn’t seem right to study something I don’t like to work in a job to chase money and status.
That was the moment when I decided to learn from entrepreneurs about their journey and so I started a podcast in October 2016 when I was 19 years old.

The Jungunternehmer Podcast became quite successful and I interviewed a lot of the top entrepreneurs in the world.
Even when the podcast was growing to one of the largest business podcasts in Germany, I decided to turn it down and think bigger. (Disclaimer: picked it up again in early 2020 – that’s why you’re here.)

I had access to many thought leaders on an international level and interviewing in German was way too much in my comfort zone. So I started Digital Leaders, a show in which I interviewed the digital leaders of today to make their knowledge accessible and to educate the digital leaders of tomorrow.
Guests in the show have been Guy Kawasaki, the Co-Founders of e.g. Slack & GitHub, and more decision-makers from startups and corporates.

During the same time, I got to know Thomas Bachem and started to work on a community for young entrepreneurs with access to mentors and experts. YEP is about giving access to those who are committed to entrepreneurship. We stopped the project end of 2020 due to difficulties during the COVID-19 pandemic.

I’m driven by making things happen. That doesn’t mean I need to do everything myself but I love to create synergies for people in my network to push them further and help them to take the next step.

How to contact me / Press Info

Usually, I am more than happy to share my stories, talk about entrepreneurship and startup ecosystems or answer any question you might have.

There are several ways to reach me.
The best alternative might be emailing fabian[at]jungunternehmerpodcast.com.
Besides that, you can hit me up on LinkedIn or Instagram.

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